Saturday, October 26, 2013

Week 2

   Some things I forgot to mention last week... I got to see Elder Jensen before her left to New Hampshire and the MTC kind of reminds me of BYU a little. 

   Everyone was asked to prepare a talk for Sacrament Meeting last Sunday because the zone president was going to pick two of us at random to get up and speak. The topic was "enduring to the end" and the talk only had to be about five minutes. So I prepared an awesome talk Saturday night in our room. Sunday morning I forgot to take my talk with me to Sacrament and was called on to speak. Luckily my talk was copied right out of Preach My Gospel, and I happened to bring that to Sacrament sooooo. 
   Sometime last week one of the teachers told me "after Sunday the rest of the week will fly by and everything becomes a blur". Well whoever told me that was right. This past week went by super fast and I can't remember much other than what happened at out first appointment with another one of our "investigators". I think it was on Monday, but my companion and I arrived on time, we prepared a spiritual thought, and our main objective was to learn more about him and gain a friendship with him. His name is Aaron and he was referred to us by one of his friends. We knocked on the door, he answered, told us to go away. We spent around five minutes just trying to get this guy to let us in. After we finally got through the door, he had no interest in anything we were saying, all he was doing was trying to get us back out the door. We asked him some not personal questions and this is what happened... We learned we has no interest in religion whatsoever, we learned he likes to play volleyball, and we learned he used to go to a catholic school. Every time it seemed like we started to make progress with him, he would just shut us out. I don't know how this was brought up but out of nowhere he started to pour his heart out to us about how he lost his dad to cancer. He cried, we had no idea what was going on and then he kicked us out and told us to never come back... My companion and I were so confused! So we went back the next day. He invited us in and it was like nothing ever happened. We left him with a spiritual message and he told us to come back. Yesterday he bailed out of his appointment and that was the last time we could meet with him. So, other than that interesting experience with Aaron, there's not much going on here. Yesterday I got to be the investigator for some new missionaries that came in on Wednesday. I was assigned a role and had to give them a hard time and act like I had no religious background. 

   Since Wednesday I've been seeing a lot o people I knew at BYU which is cool. Today our zone is going to the temple. Tuesday I have to be in the travel office at 2:30 in the morning with all my stuff ready to fly out to Philadelphia. I traded some of my ties. We had a hall party with all the food mom sent me. I'm starting to live of the vending machines and fast a lot. The food that's served here seems to get worse and worse by the meal. And lastly, I think the funniest thing that happened over the past week was when I wrestled my companion for the mail because he wouldn't give me the letters I got. Mom, try and remember that I'm supposed to email only once so send me actual letters in the mail. If anyone is going to send me anything over the next couple of days, send it to Pennsylvania. I'm looking forward to getting out of the MTC and into Philadelphia. 

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