Monday, November 18, 2013

   This past week went by insanely fast!! 

   Tuesday evening we were on the bus and we found a handful of small bags filled with cocaine sitting on one of the seats... That was interesting. Nothing else exciting happened Tuesday except for the snow. 

   Wednesday was just a day dedicated to contacting referrals, we walked all over our area and only several of our referrals were home.  A lot of the other addresses we got were either abandoned homes or people who have recently moved in and have no idea how we got their address. 

   Thursday we had a drunk guy sing to us on the subway. When we got to our stop and had to get off he gave us a hug and told us he loved us. Sweet man. We found a little white board thing on the bus that night and wrote our information on it to see if anyone would call us. 

   Friday we had a lot of lesson appointments, only two of them held. Both of these appointments were with new investigators. One of them is a guy named Richard and the other a woman named DaShey. Both great people. Richard is older, he has diabetes, and he is a very faithful man. During our appointment we asked him to pray that night to know if the church is true and he said, "well I'll just do it right now". He prayed right there in front of us, on his knees, and told us he believes what we taught him and believes the church is true. That was a very cool experience, I could feel the spirit radiating in the room. DaShey is younger, she's working on her nursing degree and doesn't really have a stand for religion. The Lord Brought DaShey to us. She said she was on Mormon.org and felt something special about what she was reading. She said she felt inspired to meet with missionaries. She already follows the word of wisdom and she is very nice. We invited both Richard and Dashey to be baptized after our appointments with them. We feel Richard will be ready by December 15th and we feel DaShey will be ready by December 22nd. 

   On Saturday we had a lot of people out for football, it was fun. After football we were supposed to help a member move but they forgot to mention to us that they decided to postpone their so we showed up at their house only to be told to come back next week. The rest of Saturday we had a lesson with a boy named Dillion, he's ten, and we went and tried to contact some referrals who we weren't able to contact Wednesday. We met a woman who is interested in meeting with us and we met another woman who tried to tell us she was a God... There are defiantly some interesting people out here. Walking down the street we saw a man smoking on his front steps to his house and we felt inspired to talk to him. We taught him a little bit and he told us he was interested and agreed to meet with us again. Sunday our investigator Richard came to church. Out here we have people called "active non-members" who are non-members that are just as active as normal members. So we've been meeting with Giovanni (finally learned how to spell it) and his family since I first got here; they are active non-members. They've been coming to church for a while. There is Giovanni and Rebecca and their two children Giovanni Jr. (we call him G) and Siani. Giovanni and Rebecca are trying to figure out their marriage situation but their son G is eight and their daughter Siani is six. 

   Sunday I baptized G. Giovanni wants to get baptized but he doesn't know what to do with Rebecca, Siani wants to get baptized too. Rebecca is always working or sleeping so we never see her and we have no idea what her deal is. Baptizing G was an incredible experience! I cannot describe how amazing it was. G was so excited, I was excited, Giovanni was overwhelmed with joy and Rebecca was happy. G will be confirmed this upcoming Sunday. 

   That night we had two dinner appointments. First we had the Heel family at 4:00pm then Mike and Dana at 7:30pm. The Heel's are members. Mike is less active and Dana is a non-member. On our way to Mike and Dana's house we almost got hit by a car. Out here you can turn left on a green light like they do in Utah. So we were walking across the street, at the crosswalk, we had the right of way, and this van decided to completely ignore us and comes strait at us as were walking. We literally had to jump out of the way to dodge it. Then on the way back from Mike and Dana's we saw a huge crime scene. Streets were blocked off, helicopters flying around, people everywhere; we have no idea what happened. The Lord defiantly keeps us safe out here so you guys don't need to worry.

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