Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Monday November the 25th

   This week was pretty uneventful. Nothing exiting or cool happened. Tuesday was my companion's birthday, we didn't get to do anything special. He got a birthday package but other than that it was a normal day. 

   Wednesday was another normal day. We had four appointments scheduled but only two of them followed through. People out here do whatever they want for the most part. We can't force anyone to have a lesson with us. Usually the only time people don't follow through on appointments is when its the first appointment and they haven't met with us before. 

   Thursday was zone conference, I got my packages after conference was over. I was SO excited to finally get my scriptures and my bedding. The scriptures are awesome and I finally have blankets to sleeps under! Zone conference was great! We learned how to teach more effectively and how to better recognize the spirit. Zone conference pretty much took up the whole day. 

   Friday we spent all day contacting referrals. We had four appointments scheduled and only one followed through. That one lesson was with Giovanni and his family. They took us out to dinner at pizza hut and we talked to them about the importance of attending church and enduring to the end. 

   Saturday we helped a member move early in the morning, then we played football for a couple hours. Usually for football we have a good handful of investigators and non-members come play with us but this Saturday was so cold and windy nobody wanted to come out, but we played anyways with some members and other missionaries. After football we had weekly planning, then we had a lesson with a boy named Dillon. I don't remember if I've already mentioned him or not but his family is less active. We got them coming back to church and they're now fully active and loving church and almost fully involved again. Dillon is ten and he will be baptized on December 15th. 

   Sunday was a good day, Church was all right  Our ward is very small.  After church I met the first black man to receive the priesthood, or so he says he was the first... He's really old though so I believe him. His name is James Berry. After church was ward council. Usually every Sunday night we have a dinner appointment with a less active member named Mike and his non-member wife Dana but they went out of town so we went and tried to make contact with more people Sunday night. I'm predicting this week to be kind of a less active week because everyone will be leaving town for thanksgiving. I still need to figure out how to send my pictures home. Might just send the SD card home and have you guys send it right back. I can't believe how fast time is going by.

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