Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!!!

   This past week was the week of Christmas, so there were lots of cops all over the place because everyone was stealing presents for their kids/letting their kids steal their own presents. This week wasn't a busy week. On Tuesday we went to the Broomall building for a Christmas devotional. We had to get up at 5:30 to get there by 9. When we were there we watched Ephraim's Rescue and had a talent show after we listened to President Anderson talk. Our zone got up and did a Hawaiian dance for our talent. Half of us already knew it, the other half didn't. Those who didn't know it had no time to learn it and I was forced to be in the front... I had no idea what to do, it was embaresing. We got all our packages by the end of the devotional. I got 12 packages!  Luckly we had the sister car to stuff everything in. After we got back we had dinner then went with the zone leaders to sing christmas carols to some of the less active members for the rest of the night. 

   Wednesday was Christmas, we didn't have time to open our presents Tuesday so we had to wait till Wednesday morning. I loved all the gifts everyone sent! Dillon's family invited us over to their house for lunch. We spent a long time over there. After we spent some time there we went to the Healy's house to call home (: we spent the rest of our night there. 

   Thursday we had district meeting and weekly planning, then we went to the Peterson's home for dinner. 

   Friday we walked around most of the day trying to contact referrals, nobody was home. 

   Saturday we played volleyball in the church building because the members that usually come out and play football with us were gone. We had two good lessons Saturday as well. First we had a lesson with a woman named Victoria, she is very smart in terms of the gospel. She is very interested in learning about the church. The only problem is that she's really busy. She is among one of the handful of people who are trying to get an education in our area. Then after Victoria we went to go contact a referral who's name is Adilana. She was home when we went and knocked on the door and she was very excited to see us. Her husband, William, came to the door with her and I felt inspired to ask if they had 15 minutes for us to teach a lesson. They were glad I asked! We sat outside their house and had a lesson on the restoration and answered any questions they had. They took a lot of interest in the Book of Mormon and were very interactive. William wants to know more about the Philadelphia Temple. When we were done they wanted us to come back as soon as we could. One thing that might be a obstacle though, they really like the church they're already in. Something I've learned is that every investigator will have a concern, problem, or barrier they need to overcome. Those issues are there for our benefit as missionaries, to help us learn and to help us love those we teach even more. 

   Sunday after we studied we went to the Rennie's for dinner with the rest of our district. They fed us tons of asian food! 

   Today for P-day Elder Shamo and I are going to check out center city and see what they still have up from Christmas.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Elder Chance Owen

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