Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

   This past week went by really fast! We didn't have very many lessons scheduled because everyone was out of town but we were able to spend some of our time visiting less active members of the ward throughout the week. Tuesday we didn't have any lessons. Everyone that scheduled appointments with us for Tuesday forgot to tell us they were leaving out of town. However while we were traveling on Tuesday we did meet a lot of people while waiting for the buses. 

   Wednesday we started teaching Two new investigators. While we were on the bus traveling Wednesday, I gave a man a pass-along card with Jesus on the front. He takes the card, look at it... Then asks me "who dat?" pointing to Jesus. I looked back at him and said, "that's our savior, Jesus Christ". With a surprised look on his face he looks up at me and yells " Fo Real! I thought Jesus wa black!" everyone on the bus turns around and looks at us... That was fun. 

   Thursday we were supposed to have a Turkey Bowl at the mission house but the backyard got flooded from the rain we had Wednesday so we had to relocate. The Turkey Bowl was so much fun! I was really sore the next day. We had three dinner appointments scheduled but only one of them followed through. First we were invited to go over to brother Jeretsky's home. Brother Jeretsky looks exactly like the man who plays chess with himself from the pixar short films. Elder Shamo and I were supposed to be the only ones having dinner with Brother Jeretsky but he decided to cancel because he was to lazy to cook the turkey.... good old Brother Jeretsky. For our second dinner appointment we were invited over to an investigators house. His name is Ray, he lives by himself, young man. He forgot to mention to us that he decided to go to his aunts for thanksgiving last minute. Lucky our last dinner appointment held. It was at a members home. The Layton and Brown family. We're preparing their son Dillon to be baptized on the 15th. They fed us, however the food was not like your's Mom… But I was still very thankful for their invitation and for the extra food they made for us. They are great people and I'm glad they we're willing to feed us. 

   Friday we spent the entire day at the church. After we studied in the morning we went there to plan. Then we practiced some singing with other elders for an upcoming flash mob. We went and got some Chinese food and brought it back to the church for dinner. After dinner we had a lesson planned for 6:30 but she didn't show up so I helped Elder Shamo do some Facebook proselyting. Then we left the church at about 7 and went to contact some referrals. 

   Saturday did not feel like Saturday. Saturday we spent all day trying to contact people. We visited some less active members, visited a member, Sisiter Schurez (shes an interesting lady), and taught Giovanni about missionary work. Sister Schurez used to be in a gang and now she in her late 60s and loves to make crafty porcelain containers. She's giving us little fake trees to put on our desks for Christmas. 

   Sunday was a good day. After church we had to study. Then we had two appointments that fell through. After our lessons that didn't happen we contacted some referrals then went to dinner at Mike and Dana's house. While we we're there I found a bottle of fragrance oil sitting in their kitchen that smelled EXACTLY like the apple crisp/cobbler that mom makes. Smelling that made me sad... Being away from home has been really hard, there's so much I miss about home. But at the same time I'm having so many wonderful experiences out here in Philadelphia. I could not stay out here doing what i'm doing if the Lord wasn't here helping me. He gives me the energy I need every day, he gives me the joy I feel every day, he walks right beside me through every trial I face, he gives me something to look forward to every day, he's helped me see all the blessings he has given me, and he teaches me something new every day. 

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