Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Monday January 6th

   This past week was kind of a rough week, because of the holidays and so many people being gone and having plans it's been hard to have lessons. Tuesday was kind of a crazy day because it was New Years Eve. There were cops everywhere and lots of people walking round on the streets. We were able to talk to lots of people while waiting for buses and people that would stop us on the street but for the most part, nobody was home New Years Eve. President Anderson told all the missionaries to be in by 7 that night; good thing too because right around 7 weird stuff started to happen. Elder Shamo and I bought some chicken wings to celebrate the New Year, we also went to bed early, we didn't want to stay up. As soon as the clock hit midnight Tuesday night, I was awakened by hundreds of gunshots. Everyone in our neighborhood unloaded a clip into the air at midnight. It was pretty scary. It kind of sounded like a brick of fire crackers going off but with a little more delay between each explosion/shot.

   Wednesday morning when we started proselyting it seemed like the city had died. We walked outside and it was quiet. EVERYONE  was hungover. There was almost nobody on the streets and the people that were on the streets were…. crazy.  I don't know how to describe it. Our area is crazy! Wednesday we spent most of the day with members. We went home teaching with Brother Davis, had dinner with the Ford's, and visited some of the less active members. Brother Davis drives a huge semi truck, it was pretty cool driving around in it. 

   Thursday was zone training and weekly planning and district lunch. Zone training was good, we learned a lot about how to help those we're teaching make and keep commitments. After zone training we planned for this week. After weekly planning we had district lunch. Once a transfer President Anderson has allowed for the missionaries to get together in their districts and go have lunch together. Our District consists of Elder Shamo and I, the zone leaders Elders Toilolo and Whitaker, and the Sister Missionaries Sisters Beams and Reyes. We got together and went to an Asian restaurant called PanAsian Buffet. It was pretty good. Thursday night there was expected to be a huge snow storm coming in so President Anderson wanted us in at 6 Thursday night. At 6 Elder Shamo and I went in and studied for about an hour. While we were studying it got a little windy outside and started to dump snow. We went to bed early again. 

   When we woke up on Friday there was a good 8 or 9 inched of powder outside and it was still super windy. Friday was cold, the buses weren't running very often either so we ended up walking almost everywhere we went. However since the conditions were so bad outside, everyone else was inside so we were able to contact most of our referrals on Friday. I figured out that the reason why most people aren't home out here is because they don't like their homes. Seriously, people out here don't like being in their own houses, they're only in them when they're cold. 

   Saturday morning we played football in the snow, that was pretty fun. The rest or Saturday was spent walking between appointments that fell through. 

   Sunday when we walked out the door to go to church everything was frozen solid. The snow was melting all day Saturday then froze that night. The roads were iced over, the sidewalks were iced over and everyones cars were frozen shut. There was almost nobody at church. After church we studied then went to stop by some people. Sunday night we had dinner with Mike and Dana.Today,ever since this morning it's been dumping rain. All the snow is being washed away. Tonight its supposed to drop down to 7 degrees... It'll be interesting to see if everything freezes again. This year the Philadelphia Mission slogan is "Doubt not, Fear not", it comes from D&C 6: 36 I think.

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