Monday, January 20, 2014

   Friday Elder Shamo and I figured out who was staying and who was leaving the area. Elder Shamo is leaving and I am staying. I will be getting a new companion on Wednesday. I am sad that we will no longer be companions but I'm glad I'm not leaving. I've grown to like it here, I'm used to it now. So from our district, Elder Shamo is leaving, one of the sisters is leaving and Zone Leader Elder Whitaker is leaving. On Wednesday we'll have three new missionaries in our district. Today is Martian Luther King day which means the libraries are closed and we're stuck sharing a computer in the clerks office at the church. Hopefully when we get iPads we can use those to email! That would be awesome; I could email from almost anywhere and I could email for a longer period of time. But for now, we have the clerks office. 

   This past week was kind of rough, not one of our greater weeks. We had tons of lessons planned for this week but for whatever reason we only had one lesson the entire week. The rest of our appointments either weren't home or we couldn't get a member our with us. Tuesday was an interesting day. We we're able to contact this guy we met named Leroy. We knocked on his door and he let us in. After we talked to him for a bit and got to know him, he gave us these shirts that say "real men pray everyday". Then he showed us some swords he found. He's super cool. He will be baptized. In the evening we figured out one of our members has a smoking addiction. We went to go visit Sister Saurez and her neighbor (an active member) was there. We talked a little bit about the new temple and somehow the conversation got turned and we discovered this member smokes. This guy looks exactly like the guy that plays chess with himself from the pixar short films. Anyway, we're working on him. 

   Wednesday we walked all over area going to and from lessons that didn't hold. Nothing cool or exciting happened Wednesday. 

   Thursday we had district meeting then weekly planning. We went on exchange with the Zone Leaders as well. I stayed in our area with Elder Whitaker and Elder Shamo went with Elder Toilolo in their area. Elder Whitaker is a cool guy, I'm sad he's being transferred as well. For some reason Friday went by super fast, I don't even remember Friday happening. Most of the days out here don't seem like they happen. The only days I can really remember are Mondays. 

   Friday we ended our exchange in the evening then Elder Shamo and I had our one lesson with Giovanni. We talked to him a little more about getting married. After that we got the call that Elder Shamo was being transferred. 

   Saturday we played football with a group of high school kids, their coach wanted them to scrimmage with us. That was fun, They said they'll be coming out every Saturday. hopefully we can start teaching some of their families. Saturday evening one of the members invited our district over for dinner. When we arrived at his house there were two ambulances there and EMT's running in and our of his house. After they left we figured out he just had some low blood sugar and fainted in his basement. He thought he was cool because he refused to go to the hospital. We still had dinner with him after all that. This is the guy that I took a picture of who is wearing the blue suit; Brother Gary. I don't remember if I already mentioned this or not but he gave me that blue suit. 

   Sunday after church we got a member do drive us around to some people we had scheduled to have lessons with. None of them were home.... Sunday night we had dinner at the Rennie's house for all the missionaries being transferred. Today we're going to go do whatever Elder Shamo wants to do before he's transferred. I really hope my new companion is cool and hard working.

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