Sunday, January 19, 2014

Monday, January 13th

   Don't send any mail after tomorrow morning, transfers are next week and we figure out everyone's fate Friday night. I have no Idea if i'll stay or go

   The weather here kinda sucks. One day It'll dump snow, the next day it'll pour rain, then the day after that EVERYTHING will be frozen solid. On Tuesday the weather got down to -15 with the wind chill so president suggested that we do our weekly planning on Tuesday instead of Thursday. So Tuesday we stayed inside most of the day. After we planned we went out for a little bit to contact some people and do some stop by's on our way over to a members home for dinner. Coordination was that night too so luckily we didn't have to go back out in the freezing winds. I wore 7 layers of cloths for he rest of the day after we planned to stay warm. 

   Wednesday we did a lot of walking, stopping by a lot of people and trying to contact referrals. Wednesday wasn't as cold. All our lesson appointments fell through too. Most of the people we're teaching are girls so we have to have another guy in the room when we teach. We try and bring members with us when we can but most of the members that can usually come out with us were still on vacation. 

   Thursday was a weird day because we didn't do weekly planning that day. Since we didn't plan we had a lesson with Dillon and a lesson with Gloria. I don't know if I've reported anything on Gloria yet but she is Puerto Rican and she has a disabled daughter. She is very interested and has a date for the 16th I think. She speaks more Spanish than English but prefers to take lessons from us over the Spanish elders. Thursday night we had a scripture study class. The only people who showed up were Elder Shamo and I, the zone leaders, the sister missionaries and two male members. Since there was no other women there the sisters were about to leave but on of the members, Brian, said "Wait, if I got out on the streets and find a woman who wants to join us can you sisters stay?" We said, "yes", then he said "ok be back soon". 15 Minutes later he walks into the building with two college girls. Apparently they had a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon. so we taught them the restoration. Brian is a weird dude. 

   Friday we had a couple of great lessons, we were not out walking around much. We read from the Book of Mormon a little bit with this Puerto Rican guy pablo, he's a non-member. Elder Shamo had a lesson over facebook with one of our less active mmbers. Late in the afternoon we had an investigator cancel on us while we had a member out with us so we went and visited Pearl and Denise. They're both less active and they live together; and they're both trying to overcome a smoking addiction. When we arrived Pearl was there with her neighbor Mary and we have no Idea where Denise was but we taught Pearl and Mary about the Word of Wisdom. At the end of the lesson we helped pearl exercise her faith and commit to stop smoking 100% from then on. We'll see how that goes. After that we had a Lesson with Giovanni and G. We taught G about the gospel of Christ then we talked to Giovanni about chastity. If I mentioned, Goivanni is an active non-member because he currently lives with his girlfriend Rebecca. Rebecca is the mom of their two kids Giovanni jr (G) and Siani (I still dont know how o spell her name). Rebecca has no interest in the church but Giovanni really wants to be baptized. We had to talk to him about getting married. He doesn't know if their relationship is going to work out so we committed him him to fast and pray about what to do and act upon the answer he receives. That lesson was scary but it went incredibly well. The spirit helped us through that one all the way. 

   On Saturday we played football in the rain, luckily it was a lot warmer than normal on Saturday. After that we walked around contacting people the rest of the day. 

   Sunday we came to church to see all of our members back from vacation. After church we had ward council. Then the Rennie family invited us over for dinner last minute. Luckily we could go because we had no lessons scheduled. Before dinner we made some stop by's and after dinner we visited Mike and Dana. Today Elder Shamo and I are going to travel to Wal-Mart.

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