Friday, February 14, 2014

Monday February 10th

   Last week the library we email at was closed because of the snow storms, The snow here is super weird, I can't describe it but it's weird. Good news is, we get iPads on Friday! We should be able to email from those, just have to find Wifi. Finding WiFi is a whole lot easier than finding an open library though. The week before last week wasn't to eventful. It was very cold the whole week. We spent a lot of our time trying to find new investigators. We've been praying hard to find people to teach who are honestly interested in religion. 

   Tuesday the 28th we spent most of the day trying to contact people and visit less active members. Nothing exciting happened Tuesday. 

   Wednesday all of our appointments fell through but we were able to get four new investigators who seemed very interested. Thursday we had district meeting and weekly planning. After we planned we stopped by some people and then went to our scripture class that evening for the rest of the night. Friday we spent the afternoon at a funeral service at the church. Almost all of the people at the service were non-members. We thought it would be a good idea to help out a little and talk to people at the service. We ended up talking to most of the people there about the church but nobody showed any interest in meeting with us or even coming to one of our services. 

   Saturday morning we played football then went to another funeral service at the church to try and find more people that might be interested in the church but the same thing happened Saturday that happened Friday. Nobody showed any interests towards the church. I though that was really weird because ass those people are already in the church and during the funeral services some of the speakers made comments about the church that should have raised questions. 

   Sunday was fast Sunday. This fast and testimony meeting wasn't to crazy. We did have someone from the congregation stand up at the front (not using the pulpit, just yelling) bear their testimony on Forest Gump, but the zone leaders had an investigator of theirs get up and bear her testimony. Her name is Jeanine and she bore her testimony on how she found the church. She found the church when is was Christmas time. Elder Shamo and I went out and sang Christmas Carols to people with Elder Whitaker and Elder Toilolo sometime around Christmas eve. Jeanine was one of the people we sang to. We actually went and sang a hymn to her neighbor first, who is less active, and Jeanine heard us singing and came outside to see what was going on. The less active member then told us to go sing to Jeanine, so we did, and she loved it. She asked for missionaries to come visit after we sang. She bore a wonderful testimony about how she had been searching for the true church her whole life and how she knew she finally found it. She didn't even sound like an investigator, as she bore her testimony she sounded like she had been a member her whole life and the spirit was incredibly strong. She was supposed to be the last one to speak because we were out of time but another member stood up and decided she had to bear her testimony as well, about Forest Gump. That all happened the week before last week; last week was great! Besides Monday. 

   Monday the 3rd the whole city was effected by a large snow storm. Most of the city was shut down. The library we normally email at was closed. Usually bishop lets us use the computer in the clerks office when that happens but that computer is broken. So we ended up finding a little library that let us get on the computer for 15 minutes. Wasn't much time but at least it was something. After that we had to go find some place where Elder Pintor could get an eye exam. His vision is bad, he's near sighted. So we spent a couple of hours in an optometrist's shop. I just payed around with all the glasses while watching Elder Pintor get his eyes checked. It snowed to much on Monday, I am sick and tired of all the snow and ice. 

   Tuesday was my Birthday. It was just like any other day. I got a nice text in the morning from President and Sister Anderson wishing me happy birthday, I loved that. I also got a cake, cinnamon rolls, and some chocolate covered strawberries delivered to our place as well. I loved that too. I ate the strawberries and the cinnamon rolls but I saved the cake for later. Monday the Elders from another ward in our stake handed off one of their investigators to us. They had been teaching him for a little bit but he lives in our area so they had to hand him off to us. His name is Noel and he is super excited to get baptized. He loves the church. His ex wife is a member but he told us that he doesn't want to get baptized because of her, he said that this was something he decided to do because it's what he wants. He is scheduled to be baptized on March 2nd. 

   Something else cool that happened Tuesday night though was that as we were coming in for the night we found our next door neighbor chillin outside on his porch. As were walking up to our front door he asked us if we could talk to him about the church. He told us he's lived next door to the missionaries for so long but never had a lesson with them because he was never interested. He told us that he wants to meet with us now because he's actually looking for religion in his life at this time. We prayed with him and told him we would see him Wednesday for a quick lesson. 

   Wednesday Morning I had the horrible experience of "freezing rain". Freezing rain is pretty much what you get when the temperature is below freezing but it still rains. I think that's how it works, but everything was frozen that morning. It got better in the afternoon when it started to clear up. Most of the day we were at the church. We had scheduled to give a couple of people tours of the church that afternoon through the evening. Nobody showed up to their tour. We spent most of our day sitting at the church waiting for people to show up so we could show them around. Whenever someone didn't show up we would talk to some of the members that came through or read scriptures. 

   Thursday we had zone training. zone training is different from zone conference. zone training is just with our zone. zone conference is when multiple zones get together. After zone training we had weekly planning, then a great lesson with Noel after that. 

   Friday afternoon we were supposed to meet someone else at the church but they didn't show up either. Friday night Brother and Sister Carr, who are in charge of the new temple construction, invited our district over to the temple site for dinner. It was Brother Carr's birthday. I hadn't eaten my cake yet so I took it over there when we went. They didn't know it was my birthday and I didn't want them to do anything special for me but they included me in the birthday song. It was Elder Toilolo's birthday on February 1st so they included him to. We ended up having a short little birthday party for the three of us Friday night. 

   Saturday we had a lot of people come and play football with us in the morning. The rest of the day after football we went around visiting less active members. Most of the people we stopped by weren't home but one of the families we stopped by was actually talking about the missionaries and going back to church just before we knocked on their door. That was cool. Saturday night we finally got in contact with this guy named Warren. We gave him a gospel video a while ago and were finally able to follow up with him. He said he loved the video. He ended up talking to us for an hour and a half that night. We invited him to church on Sunday and he actually came. 

   Sunday we had several people tell us they would be at church but only two came. Warren and Victoria. Warren seems really interested in the church. we're supposed to talk to him some more tomorrow. Victoria is starting to keep her commitments now. We had a quick lesson with her right after church and she said she really liked it and that this is where she wants to be. Warren had to leave right after Sacrament so we weren't able to talk to him after church but he was very into sacrament meeting. As we have prayed hard to find those who are honestly seeking for religion, I can defiantly see our prayers have been answered. "Whatsoever you ask in faith, being united in prayer according to my command, ye shall receive" - D&C 29:6

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