Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 24th

   So far working with the iPads has been pretty cool. Now we get to show videos from LDS.org to people when we teach and we can transfer and update records really easily, It's easier to plan things and its easier access information. We haven't seen any miracles from using these things yet but then again we just got them, and we don't take them out to much because of the area we're in. Right now we still have to enter in all our paper records to the iPads and that is a pain in the butt; however, the records we have already completed make everything so much easier. These iPads are going to help us out a lot once we get used to them. Things finally started to warm up a little bit this past week. 

   Tuesday was still cold but the rest of the week was somewhat warmer than its usually been. Tuesday was one of the slower days of the week. We stopped by a lot of people on Tuesday. In the evening, missionaries from another zone called us and told us one of their investigators will be living in our area for a few weeks. Her name is Cara, she's a teenager. When we went and stopped by to introduce ourselves, it was so weird. But shes a solid investigator. She's already been taught everything and she's ready to be baptized. We went with a member and took her to the Temple visitors center on Friday and she really liked it. She's really excited to become a member. 

   Wednesday morning there was a random thunder storm that came through. It rained really hard in the morning and washed away a lot of the snow. Wednesday afternoon we went on exchange with the Zone Leaders. Elder Pintor stayed in our area with Elder Toilolo and I went with Elder Engleman into the Zone Leaders area. We had a teaching appointment with this student who knows the bible very well. Every time we would bring something up he could refer it to the bible. He has a really hard time understanding priesthood authority. At the end of the lesson though he asked if we could get him a triple combination. He's really interested in learning about the church, he's primarily interested in learning about Joseph Smith, but he already told us he doesn't think he can believe it because it's not the bible. He's a good guy though. 

   We continued our exchange until Thursday when we had district meeting and weekly planning. Planning took longer than usual because we had to input some records but that took up most of our day. Thursday night we had our scripture class and that went well. The Zone Leaders have an investigator named Will who came and loved it. He told me that what we studied that night applied directly to him. He loves the church so far. 

   Friday it rained again but thats better than snow. We spent Friday morning inputing records but the rest of the day was great. In the afternoon we took Cara to the Temple visitors center. Then we went to the Morgan's home. Brother Morgan is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, he acts like he's twelve, he's always going a million miles an hour. He served his mission in Japan, and most of the time he spent on his mission was on college campuses. When we went over he taught us some of his successful techniques on how to do street contacting on campus. Hopefully we'll find them successful too as we start walking around Temple University. Friday night we went over to a less active families home, they're Puerto Rican and there was like 8 kids there going crazy. The kids were awesome though. They were so excited to see the missionaries. I got them to calm down and sit together on the floor, they would do anything we told them to do. They were SO funny! We taught them all how to pray and they said a prayer together in a big group, it was awesome. Elder Pintor recorded me teaching but we didn't record them saying the prayer together but it was so awesome. Those kids were great. Saturday Elder Pintor and I didn't go and play football because Bishop invited us over to his house for breakfast that morning and we had service to do. A family from the area next to us moved into our area and we helped them move. The family left the church because of something another member did but they love having the missionaries over. Hopefully we can get them back into the church. They have a car! So transportation isn't an excuse for them. 

   Saturday evening we gave Jeanine a baptismal interview, it was kind of hard getting to her house this time though because the street she lives off was turned into a crime scene. we were able to make it to her door though. After that we went to go stop by Brother Jaretsky and check on him. He's the guy that looks like the old man who plays chess with himself from the pixar short films. He ended up going to the hospital because he couldn't breathe but he's ok now. Before it was time for us to go in we had a lesson with Dillon and his family. They finally got a car and church clothes on Friday! Now you would think they have no excuses to not make it to church on Sunday but for whatever reason they weren't there... 

   Sunday was a great day though. Leroy finally came to church! He said he loved it! It was so great seeing him there because we see him all the time and he always says he's going to be there but this time he actually came. Leroy will be baptized some day. Leroy was able to connect with some of the members and everyone loved him. We also got a Muslim guy that walked in into the Chapel. He said he got a phone call from someone saturday telling them to visit the church, so he came. We have no idea who he talked to, he has no idea who he talked to but he came and checked it out. He ended up loving it too. his name is Elisha. I had to teach gospel principles this Sunday and throughout the class Leroy and Elisha were both really interactive. They were giving good comments and answering questions. It was great. Jeanine's Baptism was right after church, Leroy and Elisha couldn't stay for that but the baptism was good. Jeanine kept telling me she feels like she's floating. After Church we went to the Rennie's and taught their family about temples and talked about how great a blessing it is to be getting a temple in the center of Philadelphia. After that we went to Mike and Dana's house and had dinner and read from the Book of Mormon with them as usual. 

   Transfers are coming up again, we'll know whats going to happen this Friday night. This next week is supposed to get cold again too, I'm sick of this cold weather.

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