Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 23

   This past week had it's ups and downs, but overall it was a great week. Last Monday the Fekete family had us over for dinner... Nicest dinner I've had on my mission so far! I have no idea what Sister Fekete cooked but it was amazing. I know it was Dominican food but other than that i'm clueless. I'm trying to get her to give me some recipes to send home. She's a great cook! She's right up behind you Mom. 

   Tuesday for the most part wasn't to eventful at first. As we stopped by less active members and tried to get them to give the church a second chance, we would tract around their house before we moved on to the next less active member on the list to visit. No luck. Early evening we decided to stop by a woman named Gloria. When we arrived at her house, we knocked on the door and when she answered she was so excited to see us! Her son was there as well and he was shocked to see us astoo. We talked to her at the door for a few minutes and she told us she thought she would never see missionaries again because she thought the church had forgotten about her and her son. I got out my iPad to share a scripture with her and for some reason she was so amazed that I had the scriptures on it. She was very fascinated. She had her son go and get her iPad, and she had us download the LDS Library app on her iPad for her. She literally thought it was the best thing in the world because she could enlarge the text. She couldn't read her paper copy of the Book of Mormon because the words were to small. In Alma 37:6 it says, "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass". Gloria helped me gain a strong testimony of this scripture. On Sunday when we saw her at church with her son, they were both very very happy. She told us she had been reading and rekindled her testimony. She also said she was fired from her job but she was really happy about it. She said she wouldn't have been able to come to church if that didn't happen because she usually has to go to work at noon. She was so happy to be back at church. Unfortunately she speaks better spanish than english.... Her son is not a member, but he wants to be. He loves the church. Her and her son both speak perfect english but I guess she prefers spanish so the spanish Elders stole them from us. 

   Wednesday went by fast. We had a few appointments lined up but only one followed through. That was with Herman. He brought us this "authentic pizza from Philly" for after the lesson. It was disgusting. We couldn't tell him that though because this was his favorite pizza place. 

   Thursday was just a very long day. District meeting and weekly planning just seemed to drag on for ever for some reason. Good thing we had an appointment that night. 

   Friday seemed long too. We did have a lesson with Brian. He still wants to look around at all the churches before committing to a baptism date. But he loved church on Sunday. 

   Saturday was a better day. Saturday Morning when we went to the Bishop's Storehouse it was super busy. I got to see the Morgans there from Philly and pack up all the stuff they were taking to other members from the ward. It was cool to se them again. Saturday Night we were scheduled to go over to the Matis' home for dinner. They made us this really good home made pizza. I don't know why but everyone out here loves their pizza. I think I've had more pizza on my mission than the rest of my life. 

   Sunday we saw Gloria and her son at church and Brian came to Church as well. At first Brian was very nervous to be trying something new, but as he sat through sacrament we saw him calm down. He told us that it wasn't what he was expecting but he really liked it. I don't know what he was expecting, he wouldn't tell us. After church we went to go visit an old man who I've never noticed at church before but I found out he actually comes every Sunday. He's an awesome old man. He's 88 but he's still in good shape. He told us to go visit the members down the street from him, so we did and they gave us all their leftovers for dinner to take home. The active members out here are pretty cool, I like this ward a lot. Just wish people would agree to learn more about the church so we would have more investigators.

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