Tuesday, April 8, 2014

   This past week has been a pretty busy week. Elder Hopkins and I are starting to see the work pick up out here, slowly but surely. Tuesday was one of the warmer days we've had out here in a while. I'm ready for the summer to come around, this cold weather has lasted to long. We saw a lot of people throughout the day Tuesday. As we went to go stop by less active members we would go knock on doors around their homes and ask them if they knew anyone we could visit in the area. I learned that people in our area don't really talk to each other. Nobody knows their neighbors, everyone keeps to themselves. As we went about the day we met some pretty cool people but nobody accepted a return appointment. We would talk to these people about the restored gospel for a good amount of time, like fifteen or twenty minutes, and we would try everything we could, but in the end they still wouldn't accept. However, we did get someone to go to the church for help on their family history. We also met a guy who I think would have accepted a return appointment but he's going to be in Florida for the next three weeks. We're defiantly going to follow up on that though! Everyone we met throughout the day Tuesday, we met for a reason. I know The Lord was working with us and through us. 

   Wednesday was busy day too but not much happened Wednesday like Tuesday. We didn't get to
talk to as many people. We stopped by a lot of members but there wasn't very many people home Wednesday. 

   Thursday we had zone training, then interviews with President, and weekly planning. Zone training was good, I learned a lot about finding when you teach and teaching when you find, how to more get people more interested when you talk to them at the door, and find investigators through others. Interviews with president Anderson went well. The interview was a lot shorter than I
was expecting it to be but it went well. Weekly planning took up almost the rest of the day. With the little time we had Thursday night we visited less active members. 

   Friday we had a lot of people to see. We hopefully found a family to start teaching! We were visiting an older member and his less active son and the son asked us about a family that lives right down the street from them who previous missionaries were teaching. We had no records connected with the address because a lot of data was lost when the paper records were transferred onto our iPads. But we went and visited the family and the kids were really excited to see us. We weren't able to meet the parents because the dad wasn't home and the mom had a headache but the kids told us to come back sometime this week. They told us the missionaries used to come over all the time but just one day stopped showing up. They were glad to see us. Elder Hopkins and I were really glad that member mentioned the family to us. The members out here are awesome. We had another lesson with Bryan Friday evening as well. He is scheduled to be baptized on May 25 but he wants to be baptized sooner. I would love to baptize him sooner but he needs to gain a testimony before he can be dunked. He came to one of the conference sessions on Saturday. 

  Elder Hopkins and I were at the church almost all day Saturday. We tried to contact a referral that morning but he wasn't home. As we were about to walk away though, Elder Hopkins and I both had the impression to leave a copy of the Book of Mormon on this guys door step, so we did. Then at the first session of conference, we were the only people there other than the Brownlow's. Bryan came for the second session. He said he liked it, couldn't get much out of him though. Between the second session and the priesthood session, all the guys in the ward had dinner at the church, Bryan stayed for that as well. He couldn't stay for priesthood but there were a lot of guys there for the priesthood session. 

   Sunday we were at the church for most of the day. We were there for the first session. After the first session the spanish branch invited us to partake in their buffet they had at the church. Couldn't say no to that. Then we stayed for the second session and went to a members home for dinner. Out of all the talks that were given in General Conference I don't have a favorite yet. All the talks were really good and I took lots of notes but I have yet to choose a favorite. Conference came up pretty fast. I remember leaving for the MTC soon after October conference. I can't believe that was 6 months ago. Crazy.

Love you all!


 This is our car, the only car in the parking lot at Church for Conference on Saturday.

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