Wednesday, May 28, 2014

April 14th - Week 25

     This past week was a nice week, went by really fast too. The weather was great all this week, a perfect 80 to 85 degrees during the day. We're finally breaking away from this cold winter weather. All throughout this week we were pretty busy. On Tuesday we stopped by a lot of people and met some less active families to start teaching! Other than that nothing really exciting happened Tuesday. I'm super excited to start seeing these families though!

     Wednesday was more of a calmer day. We went on exchange with the zone leaders, Elder Hopkins stayed in our area and I went into the zone leaders area with Elder Buford. During the exchange we taught a class of members and investigators about some attributes of Christ. Then we stopped by some really cool families. The zone leaders have cool people their working with in their area. Overall the exchange went really well, I liked being with Elder Buford for the day. He's a good example. 

     Thursday afternoon we ended the exchange right after district meeting then the zone had lunch with Stake President Via Sikahema. President Sikahema brought pizza for all the companionships. After lunch we weekly planned then walked around a part of our area where there's some members bunched closely together. 

     Friday was a warm day, but the work was a little slower Friday. We did have a lesson with Bryan and our member that came to the lesson with us took us out for dinner afterwards. However a lot of the people we stopped by weren't home either. 

     Saturday was more of an exciting day. We went and helped out at the bishops storehouse and it was really busy, they had a lot for us to do there. We were there until the early afternoon then tried to contact a list of people until the evening. As we went to go contact a potential investigator, we were walking around an apartment complex looking for his address and we came upon a baptist guy who mentioned he had seen missionaries before. As we were talking to him he told us he doesn't agree with the baptist religion, So we talked to him about what we believe. As we were talking to this guy, we taught him about everything. We talked to him about prophets, temples, baptism, the Book of Mormon, the restoration, the bible, Christ, the priesthood and lots of other stuff. However everything we talked to him about, he used his agency to completely disagree with what we were saying. But when we talked to him about his beliefs, he believed the same things we believe. It was frustrating. Eventually we kind of gave up talking to each other but I asked him if we could show him a conference video of the prophet on his computer right before we left. He agreed, and we got into his home. I pulled up the video for him and slyly placed a copy of the Book of Mormon and a restoration pamphlet on his desk with a pass along card that had all our information on it. He told us he would watch the video after we left but we got out of there as fast as we could before he noticed the book. When we got out of the door we ran back to the car and got out of there so he couldn't give us the book back. It was exciting. Hopefully he calls us back, he was a cool guy but just didn't want to listen to us. And that's what we did Saturday. We were invited to a youth activity Saturday night for dinner but we couldn't be there for very long because we had an appointment with our ward mission leader. 

     Sunday, was a super busy day. We had meetings back to back to back all day yesterday. Ward council meeting, sacrament meeting, coordination meeting, meeting with a member, and other various throughout the day. Yesterday just went by really fast. 

     Today we had to take our car to the dealership for a factory recall. So while we were waiting around for our car to be inspected I went and checked out the dealership showroom! They had some nice Stingrays and Cameros there, so nice!

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