Wednesday, May 28, 2014

April 21st - Week 26

     This past week went by really fast for some reason or another. There was a lot of good things that happened this week. We saw a lot of people and had a handful of lessons. The weather has been all right but it's warming up, I really miss the California weather. 

     Tuesday we saw a lot of people. We found a really interesting less active member who is convinced the world will end/the second coming will happen sometime during his lifetime. He has a lot of money and his house is just as messy as the garage back home. This guy just buys whatever he wants, mainly survival gear, and throws it in his house. He's crazy. He doesn't know what to believe and what not to believe and he's just loosing it. He's a really funny guy though, he likes to make himself laugh... Interesting guy. Later, we finally had a lesson with this less active family that we've been trying to get a hold of forever. But sadly, I don't think they enjoy having us over yet. We also found this Italian guy named Alfonz who is a really cool guy. He's read the Book of Mormon and had the lessons before but doesn't want to change religion because "Catholicism is tradition in the family". He's the only one in the family who has listened to the missionaries in the past. I believe if we can get his wife to soften up, they'll be baptized. They have a lot of potential. 

     Wednesday we spent a good chunk of the evening with a new member, Herman. We had a lesson with him, then he wanted to come to our next appointment, so he came and took us out to dinner afterwords. That appointment he came to was with a part member family, Gloria and her teenage son, David. Since Gloria is a member we figured she knew a decent amount of doctrine and had taught some of it to her son but as we started the lesson we quickly realized neither of them know very much about the church at all. Even though Gloria is a member, we're treating them like investigators. It was a blessing to have Herman there because he helped out a lot in the lesson. We had to do a lot of adapting in that lesson and I'm very grateful for the guidance of the spirit because that lesson would have not gone well otherwise. 

     Thursday after district meeting and planning we had dinner and a lesson with another new member. He's on his way to getting the priesthood. 

     Friday was a busy day. In the morning we found a new investigator while trying to find a less active member. His name is David, he's a little shy. We had an appointment cancel us in the afternoon. We had a great lesson with Bryan in the evening. Every lesson we've had with Bryan, at the end, we've tried to teach him how he can know for himself that what were teaching is true. We teach it differently every time. I think he finally understands what he has to do now. That was an exciting moment. 

     Saturday we found another new investigator named Mary. She's met with missionaries before too, she likes the church. She's just busy all the time. Later in the day, the guy who we put the copy of the Book of Mormon on his porch a week or so ago, we met his teenage son. They seem really interested and open minded towards the church. The son said his dad has a super busy schedule though. 

     Sunday morning I opened up the package with the huge Easter basket in it. Thank you for that, it was awesome! I wore one of the ties you guys gave me the rest of the day. After church the Bishop gave us some tasks to complete for him, we did that. Then we had dinner at a members home. Sunday was a pretty relaxed day. We were in the car for a long time Sunday, I didn't like that. It's a huge blessing to have a car but it's kind of starting to make me a little lazy. Overall I did have a good Easter Sunday, thank you guys for the huge basket.

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