Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 12th - Week 29

     This week went by pretty fast. It felt like it wasn't a very eventful week but it was still a good week. Monday after P-day was over, we went to go contact this guy Casey we met the other week who told us to come back another day. So we go to see him and the first time we knock on the door, his wife answers and chews us out, and tells us he's not there. So we walk back to the car. When we got in the car and started to drive away we were prompted to go back, so we did. Now the second time we knock on the door Casey answered, and told us he had just pulled in the driveway on the phone and said to come back in 15 minutes. We didn't have anyone we could go see and be back in 15 minutes to talk to  Casey  so we walked through his neighborhood and just talked to everyone we saw on the street. We met some cool people, but nobody that would have us come over or give us contact information when we asked. But we ended up being late to go back to Casey's and when we walked up to his house he was waiting outside for us. We talked to him for a little while on his porch and had a good discussion with him, he knew a lot about the church. We bore testimony to him, taught him, gave him commitments and asked him good questions but when we asked if we could come back he said no... He did say he would try to come to stake conference though, but he wouldn't commit
to it. So Monday night, even though we didn't gain any new investigators, it was still a good night because we got to talk to a good handful of cool people and bare testimony to them about the
church. It was sad that none of these people wanted to change, but it wasn't disappointing because I know we tried our best to convince them that theres more than what they already have. We tried our best to help them feel the light of christ. 

     Tuesday we had Some good lessons. We had a lesson with Byran and we almost dropped him. We pretty much told him that we're going to stop coming if he's not sincere and doesn't keep his commitments. We explained to him our purpose as missionaries and taught him about obedience and baptism. It went well, he took this well too. We met with one of our new investigators, Nancy and her young son right after that. They are very Catholic. Nancy used to be married to a member but she's meeting with us so her son can choose for himself between Catholicism and the church. That appointment was interesting. Don't know how to explain meeting with them yet. Right after we met with Nancy and her son we had to drive to our next appointment with Gloria and her son David. David is committed to be baptized on June 15th. We just need to get Gloria to stop working on Sundays so they can both come to church. 

     Wednesday I went on exchange with Elder Shumway, one of the zone leaders, I went into their area. Nothing interesting or cool happened during the exchange. We tried to contact some people, we had a member come out to a class with us but the class didn't have a good turn out, and then we checked on a less active family on our way home. 

     Thursday morning we woke up early so we could travel to Broomall and make it to Zone Conference on time. Zone conference was really good, I got a lot out of it. President had a great message he shared and the assistants put together an awesome slideshow. I took a lot of notes but my notebook isn't with me at the moment otherwise I would share some of the notes I took. Conference took up most of the day. On our way home we only had time to stop by a small group of people. 

     Since zone conference was on Thursday we had district meeting and weekly planning on Friday. In the middle of planning Bryan called us and asked if we are coming over to have a lesson with him. We said sure and went over to his place. When we got there, its like it finally clicked with him! He's learned a lot from us but just never expressed it to us before. He kept the commitments we left him and we decided to keep teaching him. He showed us this is something he really wants. It was a good lesson. After we met with him we finished our planning then went to contact some people.

    Saturday was an off day. We had a good day, just nothing happened. The storehouse wasn't very busy in the morning. Then in the afternoon and evening we tried contacting and finding people but we had no success. 

     Sunday was a great day! Since Brother Brownlow has the priesthood now, I helped him pass the sacrament for his first time during church. After church we got invited over to a Herman's home for lunch and got invited to a Mother's Day dinner at a members home with the Masi clan. Lunch with Herman was gross and scary... that's all I'm going to say. He's single and has nobody to go to, both of his parents have passed away and he's an only child. He's been working really hard towards getting the priesthood. We're glad he invited us over, not for the food, but because we were able to have a lesson with him and help him stay motivated and resist the temptations he's facing. After being at Herman's place we went to the church and helped set up for a baptism and stayed for half of that, just to see the person get baptized. After that we went down the street to have the Mother's Day dinner with the Masi Clan. I don't know if I told you guys about the Masi Clan yet or but... Sister Masi is the "clan leader".  Sister Masi has one son and five daughters. All her daughters are married and have kids and her son is in college. They all live in our ward and together they make up one huge clan. We had dinner with them and then I got to call home after that. It was awesome to be able to talk to my friends and family. I miss you guys a lot. Calling home was definitely my favorite part of the week.

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