Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 5th - Week 28

     This past week was pretty good, as the weather gets warmer the days get busier and more people are out. We weren't able to most of our investigators this week but because of the warmer weather there was more people outside for us to talk to. 

     Not much happened Tuesday, we had a lesson with Bryan but that's just about it. The lesson went well, we helped him figure out how he can keep the simple commitments we leave with him and we tried to carefully explain why he needs to keep these commitments but he's still having a hard time understanding... The rest of the day was spent contacting and finding people, and there wasn't much luck with that. 

     Wednesday was a busy day. We got a flood of referrals from out of nowhere that we could contact. It also poured rain all day so the referrals gave us something to do so we could stay out of the rain. In the morning we had a lesson with crazy Tom. We successfully taught him the second half of the restoration and got him to see the simplicity in it. Normally he would try and question everything thinking that there's some deep meaning behind it but he kept it simple for once. Later we stopped by a former investigator from previous missionaries and set up an appointment to start teaching her and her family again. Her name is Nancy and she's really cool. She said she loves having the missionaries over. We're excited to start seeing her and her family. We taught Herman again too like we do every Wednesday and he's working really hard to get the priesthood, he just keeps putting it off. 

     Thursday was a longer day. We had zone training in the morning then weekly planning took up most of the day. We had lunch with President Sikehema right after zone training and I traded ties with him. He signed his tie and gave it so me, pretty cool tie. Thursday night we had a cool experience. We went to go contact a referral for two brothers that live together named Lou and Andy and all we had was the street name and address number. When we searched it on the GPS only one result popped up in our area so we went. When we get there we knock on the door and this guy answers and says, "now is not a good time, come back Monday at 7". We said ok and then asked him, "are you Lou or Andy?" He said his name is Kasey. When we asked him if he knew a Lou or Andy he said no. Then as we were about to leave he asked us where the meeting house is located and said, see you Monday. I don't even know what to say about what happened with that, I'm still speechless about it. I still don't even know if that really happened or not, crazy. 

     Friday was a slow day. The only thing that happened Friday was that we picked up another former investigator from previous missionaries. She's an interesting Dominican woman, very emotional but she was very happy to see us. 

     Saturday was an awesome day! The bishops storehouse was pretty busy in the morning, then in the afternoon we had some pretty cool experiences. We had a lesson planned but when we showed up the guy wasn't there so we went to go talk to the next door neighbor that was outside and as soon as we step onto the street to start walking an expedition, the same one I use do drive, slams on the brakes and someone yells out the window, "YO! Mormons, I gots questions for y'all". We talked to this guy for a minute or two and we gave him all our information. He refused to give us any of his info but he told us he was going to call us and have us over. After that happened we had a great discussion with the neighbor we were going to see. His daughter was outside with him and told us that if her father wasn't with her the conversation never would have happened. They asked us to come back and do service for them, not missing out on that. On our way to a meeting we stopped by a less active woman and gave her some much needed relief. She was excited to see us. She's feeling a lot of pressure from her family because she's the only member and everyone else is trying to pull her away from the church. Then we had a great meeting with our ward mission leader about getting the ward more involved with family mission plans. 

     Sunday after ward council we had fast and testimony meeting. One of the less active members we just met the other week, Britney, this was her first time coming to church in years and she got up and bore a really powerful testimony, it was sweet. Everyone was really excited to see her back at church too. Things are slowly starting to turn out well for her. After church we had lunch/dinner, linner, with the Brownlow's and tried to contact people the rest of the night. The only person we ended up making contact with was a less active member Andrew.  When we saw Andrew, he introduced us to his girlfriend and she had a lot of interest in the church. She said she's going to come check it out and drag Andrew along with her, haha. All throughout this week I've seen how The Lord has a place and a time for everything. Most of the great things that happened this week only happened because we were in the right place at the right time. Having faith in The Lord also means having faith in his timing. Everything happens for a reason.

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