Wednesday, May 28, 2014

April 28th - Week 27

     This past week has been a busy week, we had a lot going on. Tuesday we had some lessons that went pretty well. We read from the Book of Mormon with Bryan and taught him about why we read the scriptures but is was hard getting him to read. Working with Bryan has been interesting lately, He wants to meet with us and he's learning a lot from what we teach him and he goes to church but he hasn't been keep the commitments we leave with him. He knows he needs to, well at least we explained it to him and he said he understood, but he just hasn't been keeping his commitments. He also asks us very interesting questions. For example, on Friday he asked us how we became Jedi and he was completely serious. We don't know what to do with him yet. After we met with Bryan we went and taught David. David's a smart kid, he's very sophisticated. When we ask him questions he gives us really good answers in return. When we taught him the restoration he had some things confused or mixed up but as soon as we explained things to him he got it. He's learning really well. At the end of the day we went to dinner at the Campoverde's home and she invited her non-member brother in law over to eat with us. We ended up having a really good discussion about the church with him during dinner. He asked us a lot of questions about missionary work and the Book of Mormon. He was interested but when we ask him if he wanted to meet with us later but he told us he might just come back next time we're over for dinner. We're going to try and start teaching him. 

     Wednesday we tried to visit a lot of people in the afternoon. We stopped by that interesting less
active member again, Tom. The guy that thinks the second coming is going to happen soon. We told him to come to church last week and we explained to him why he needs to go, so we went to follow up on why he wasn't there and he shared some interesting stuff with us. We started talking to him about the priesthood and somehow he went off on this weird tangent about manna. We quickly learned he had switched manna and the priesthood, gotten the two confused with each other but when we tried to correct him he started to talk about "the kahuna". The kahuna is an evolution text book his wife reads, and its also anything and everything that doesn't pertain to religion, according to Tom. And his favorite thing to say is "babang". A good example of something Tom would say is, "Abinadi was able to protect himself because he has this manna which gave him power. Abinadi could have killed Noah just like that! Babang! See, I try and tell this stuff to my wife but she believes in this kahuna stuff you know, but there is even evidence of manna in the kahuna. Babang!" When he's not confused though he's actually really smart. We taught him and his kids for a few minutes after we got him to stop talking about he kahuna. After that we went and visited a former investigator we should be able to start teaching again. Her name is Nancy, she said she would love having us over. Later Wednesday evening we had  a great lesson with Herman about the Priesthood. We got him really motivated to work towards getting that. We went to a baptismal service that night then helped out an army support make packages for the soldiers. 

     Thursday we had district meeting then planned for a while. After that we were supposed to have a lesson with a less active family but the mom decided not to tell us she had made other plans. As we were driving away from their apartments we saw one of her teenage sons, Anthony, playing basketball with is friend Jay. We stopped and talked with them for a little bit about coming to church, played basketball for a few minutes, and ended up talking to Jay about the Book of Mormon. He ended up being really interested in it and Anthony was answering all his Jay's questions and teaching him. It was a cool experience. Jay said he wanted to come to church with Anthony and his family but Anthony's mom decided she didn't want to go to church on Sunday. 

     Friday was a nice day, we spent the day trying to find new investigators and had some cool experiences. In the afternoon there was a family we've been trying to get a hold of who we went to go visit. They weren't home at the time we knocked on the door but when we got in the car, before we left, we felt like we should say a prayer to get in contact with them. As soon as we were done praying, the son in law of this family pulled in the driveway. We were only able to talk to him for a minute but we figured out when they're usually home. That was a miracle. Friday evening we were stopping by a potential investigator and when we ended up coming in contact with her 22 year old daughter Amy in stead of her. Amy was interested in learning more and agreed to have us come back later this week and meet with her and her mom. Saturday morning we had a busy day at the Bishops storehouse. We also had a great lesson with our new investigator Mary. We had the Spencer family come with us and Mary just really hit it off with them. It was awesome. We had a really really powerful lesson and Mary told us she's going to have us coma back as soon as she can. She's awesome. 

     Sunday we didn't have any non-members come to church but the recent concert we've been teaching received the priesthood. It was really cool to be there for that. After church we took the sacrament to s few people and tried to contact a referral. When we went to go see this referral, we knocked on his door and it turned out that the guy who answered the door, Erik, just moved in.
The person who the the referral was meant for just moved out, so that caught us off guard, but we just bore testimony to Erik and he said we could come back later this week. Then we spent Sunday night at a members house for dinner. This past week was a great week. Went by really fast too.

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