Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 26th - Week 31

     This past week was a really active week for us, we were able to talk to a lot of people and get a lot of lessons. Since its getting warmer outside we've been walking around now. Monday night we walked around and talked to some people and almost got some new investigators... Almost. 

     Tuesday we had  a really busy day. In the morning we walked around a little bit and talked to a few people and stopped by some potentials. The for the rest of the day, we had lessons back to back to back to back. We had a lesson with Bryan and it didn't go to well. We tried everything we could with the time we had to help him recognize the spirit, did not work. He also told us he meets with us because he has nothing better to do, I already knew he had nothing better to do but, he only meets with us so he has something to put on his schedule and someone to talk to. He also stopped keeping his commitments again so this week we're going to have a talk with him and see what happens
from there. We met with our French Canadian Hindu friend Mike too, he's hard to understand because he speaks broken English/Hindi but luckily we have a member from Fiji to speaks Hindi. We met with David and his mom Gloria and David rebuked his mom again haha. David is really smart and is progressing really well. He really wants to be a missionary. The only problem we have with him is his source of transportation... his mom who's scared to drive her car. David is golden, we have a lot of work to do with his mom. Tuesday night we finally met this guy who we've been trying to get a hold of forever. His name is Alfonz and he is really cool. He's read the Book of Mormon and know's its true and everything but the only thing that's holding him back is his italian catholic family... Mainly his wife.  She says the Catholic Church is tradition. I think it is time to start a new tradition. We are meeting with them again tonight. 

     Wednesday was a slower day. We had a lesson with Herman but other than that we had a lot of people to stop by and check up on. 

     Thursday we had district meeting and planned for most of the day. We had dinner and a lesson with the Brownlow's in the evening and that went well. He's not to far away from getting the Melchizedek priesthood. 

     Friday went by fast and we had some good lessons too. Nothing to exciting happened in the morning, but in the afternoon we met with this guy Ted and his brother. I think I already told you guys about Ted. He's old, African American, and does something with schools. He's been all over the world. His brother Donald is a security guard and a "walking deacon" for some other church. We had a great discussion with him and his brother about the church. It was more of a Q&A. At the end of our discussion though we gave them their own copies of the Book of Mormon and they were excited to read it. We met with a less active member Andrew after that. He's interesting. We read from the Book of Mormon with him at first but somehow we ended up talking about his past activity in the church. Somewhere in there we helped him recognize the spirit, and the spirit hit him. He knows how important the church was in his life and he wants it to be part of his life again. After we met with him we went to a members home for dinner because they had a friend who agreed to meet us. The members are the Trommelens and their friend was going through a hard time with health, family, and marriage. We shared with them a video we found when we were planning for the lesson and it was perfect. That video started the perfect discussion and everyone was involved and the spirit drove the discussion. The Trommelens even gave their friend her own copy of the Book of Mormon with Sister Trommelen's testimony written in it and they also committed her to read a chapter. The only thing that could have made this lesson better was if their friend asked to be baptized before we left. It was a wonderful experience. 

     Saturday we spent most of the day doing service. We also went on exchange with the Spanish Elders in the afternoon to go teach David and Gloria. Mostly Gloria because she has a hard time with English. In the morning we did some yard work for an inactive/less active member. Then I went with Elder Morgan (Spanish Elder who was in Cole Jacobs MTC district) into his area and Elder Hopkins went with the other Spanish Elder, Elder Bair, to teach Gloria and David. Elder Morgan and I went to an appointment and had a good lesson. Thankfully the family we taught spoke english, but every now and then they would switch to spanish to mess with me. They were funny. But, the appointment with David and Gloria fell through for Elder Hopkins and Elder Bair haha. After we exchanged back we went and helped a family move. Later in the night we got a hold of two investigators, Ian and Adrienne. Ian is going through a hard time. It's been a while since we last saw him and I don't know if he want's to keep meeting with us. Adrianne is curious about the church, I think we'll keep seeing her for a while. 

     On Sunday after church we tried to stop by people but nobody was home because its Memorial Day weekend and we also attended a missionary fireside for President Corbit who just got called to be a mission president in the Dominican Republic. The fireside was really funny, President orbit is a cool guy. Today for Memorial Day, we went to a BBQ for less active and new members for lunch and it turned out really well. The only other thing we have today is our appointment with Alfonz tonight. Transfer calls were on friday and Elder Hopkins and I are both staying here for another transfer. I'm about ready for a new area though, however The Lord still has a work for me to do here.

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